~ Hand crafted CBD & Essential Oil products ~

Hand Crafted to Perfection

All of our CBD topical oils, salves, lotions and edibles are hand crafted in small batches in order to ensure that you are receiving the purest and freshest ingredients available.

Because we hand craft all of our items, we have the ability to create special orders. 

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"I got the 500mg Drops from My Green Closet, because I wanted to try CBD. Tammy was so informative and was great at answering all my questions! I will order again for sure! " 

" I have a lot of pain, and tried the CBD rub and it was amazing! If you have chronic pain.. its amazing! I will be ordering some more! Thanks Tammy! You Rock! Maybe I can postpone some surgeries for a while!" - Bob K.
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Every little bit.

Tamara Riemath,

store owner

I originally started creating CBD topicals and edibles out of necessity, but after a while I started to realize that I wanted to help others benefit from these products too.  I was quickly realizing that CBD had benefits that were nearly beyond belief and that I wasn't the only one who thought so! 

The more I researched the more I realized that there were people out there like me! People who also believed in` and were passionate about spreading the word about the natural healing power of Cannabidiol (CBD) derived from Legal Hemp and its benefits. 

I believe the more information and the more relief that we can get out to people the better. There comes a time when we need to stand up for what we believe in and do what needs to be done to help the people of the world. 

I'm not saying that CBD is going to save the world, but I believe that together we can spread word of the natural wonders of Cannabidol (CBD) and give people alternatives towards healing.

I also believe the more educated that people become about Industrialized Hemp and its secrets,  that it will prompt more research to be conducted and that WILL benefit us all and help towards healing.

Hope you can find something to help you in My Green Closet!